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Graffiti Removal

Unfortunately, graffiti is a problem everywhere from major cities areas such as London to small and rural areas, and can often leave your property with an unsightly blemish in the form of graffiti. It can damage your image and make your area seem unattractive to visitors and to your premises, shopping center or business. The good news is we can help restore graffiti marked areas to their original condition through specially designed removal agents, paints or coatings that can even make for an easy clean-up in case of future graffiti attacks.

Why Choose Us For Graffiti Removal?

We have many years of experience removing Graffiti without damaging surfaces across the UK. Graffiti Removal is a specialised area of expertise. It requires a sound knowledge of both the Graffiti material that has been used to vandalise the surface and the surface type or substance type itself.
Careful attention to detail is required when removing graffiti, as no 2 methods of removal are the same. How you remove spray can or aerosol paint from a brick wall is very different to how you remove permanent marker from glass or a painted surface.
We have experience and knowledge to remove all types of Graffiti such as, Spray Can, Permanent Marker, Pen, Crayon and Paint. We also specialize in removal and cleaning from all surfaces such as Brickwork, Concrete, Sandstone & other natural stone, Painted surfaces, Wood, Metal, Glass, Plastic or Polyurethane, Vinyl and more.

Some graffiti removal products and services can make a surface end up looking worse than before the removal process began. A simple bit of analysis of the surface and the substance used for the graffiti is the first step in determining the best approach to the situation. Each case is different and removal methods will vary based on the initial assessment. The graffiti removal experts at No Graffiti UK can identify and select the correct method to restore your property to its original condition. 

Graffiti Removal

Using eco friendly products and the highest power jet washing system graffiti is swept away from your buildings quickly and efficiently.

Outdoor Cleaning

Brick cleaning, schools, hospitals, car parks, petrol stations, driveways and much more.


Protection from further vandalism with eco friendly coatings that repel graffiti while leaving your surface looking clean and fresh.

Fantastic service, highly recommended. Thoroughly cleaned all of the graffiti away, as promised.
Steven Smith, Manchester
Brilliant - I never thought anything would get that graffiti off. Thank you.
John, London

Graffiti Removal News

graffiti Worker sent to remove graffiti finds image of himself on the same wall hours later - When a worker was called in to paint over some unwanted graffiti, he no doubt thought it was just another routine clear up job. Little did he know that the artist was secretly photographing him to include him in his next artwork. The stencil artist – who is known only as ‘DS’ – painted his […]
subway Great art of the 70’s - Forty years ago author Norman Mailer published an essay in which he declared the graffiti of the New York subway to be “The Great Art of the 70s”. But what happened to the artists and why is there no subway graffiti any more? “It started with someone just writing their name – someone saw that, […]
bee Sight of the bumble bee: Dublin buzzes over mysterious graffiti - Electricity boxes, litterbins and walls used as canvas for Banksy-style drawings There’s a buzz about town. Somebody has been busy in south county Dublin, adding a touch of cartoon colour to the local streetscapes with a series of mysterious graffiti bees. Who and why are the outstanding questions, but on power boxes, litterbins and walls, […]
superpope Pope Francis becomes ‘SuperPope’ in Vatican-approved graffiti - Not content with being Time’s Person of the Year and scoring a Rolling Stone cover, Pope Francis has now achieved superhero status, at least in the eyes of graffiti artist Maupal. Pope Francis is depicted soaring into the sky, fist outstretched and crucifix swinging in the wind, on a wall of the Borgo Pio district […]



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